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Flame and Frost: Prelude
A mystery presents itself in this first entry in a multipart Living Story series. What could be causing such discord in the foothills of the Shiverpeaks? All those poor homesteaders and ranchers displaced with nowhere to go calls into question if the storms could be that bad—or if there’s something more sinister stirring up the flame and frost. The ground is shaking, and the sky is falling in northern Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. Norn and charr refugees, crawling from the wreckage of their homes, are fighting their way to shelter in Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel. Many are in shock and wounded; most have only what they can carry on their backs. A call has gone out for volunteers to assist them in their time of need, when the environment itself seems to have become their enemy.

A new Living Story achievement category has been added, which will contain a series of achievements specific to the storylines unfolding in Tyria.

The first Living Story achievement, Refugee Volunteer, has been added. Players who complete this achievement by playing the Flame and Frost: Prelude content will be rewarded with the Volunteer title. They will also receive a karma reward via in-game mail.

More achievements will be added as the Living Story continues to unfold.

New Living Story events have been added to Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau.

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January 28

The sky falls and the ground shakes in the lands of the north. Charr and norn refugees crawl from the wreckage of their homes in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, struggling to find shelter in the south. The call goes out for volunteers to assist the victims in this time of need, when earth and sky seem to have become the enemy…

Flame and Frost: Prelude is the prologue to a multi-stage narrative that will bring big changes to Guild Wars 2 in the months to come.

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Seasons are changing, hearths are warming, and spirits are high. Wintersday is almost here! Tyrians are busily preparing for the longest night of the year, and Lion’s Arch wants to celebrate with an event to remember. The Captain’s Council has invited renowned entertainment engineer, Tixx the Toymaker, to bring his unique creations to the citizens of Tyria.

The toymaker will spend a day in each of the five cities, and finish his tour with a two-week stay in Lion’s Arch. The airship events will begin at 10 a.m. PST on December 15th and end January 3rd.

10 a.m. PST, Saturday, December 15th: Airship lands in The Grove for a 24-hour stay.
10 a.m. PST, Sunday, December 16th: Airship lands in Divinity’s Reach for a 24-hour stay.
10 a.m. PST, Monday, December 17th: Airship lands in The Black Citadel for a 24-hour stay.
10 a.m. PST, Tuesday, December 18th: Airship lands in Hoelbrak for a 24-hour stay.
10 a.m. PST, Wednesday, December 19th: Airship lands in Rata Sum for a 24-hour stay.
10 a.m. PST, Thursday, December 20th: Airship lands in Lion’s Arch, where it will remain until January 3rd.

But that’s just the beginning of this Wintersday fête. Along with Tixx and his wondrous workshop, there will also be new holiday content:

Lion’s Arch, the Heart of the Mists, and the Home Map (Central Citadel) in WvW are decorated for the holiday.
Snowman building locations and present drops are available worldwide.
New crafting recipes are available.
PvP finishing moves and WvW siege weapon effects have been added.
Bell choir and snowball fight activities are available in Lion’s Arch, and can be accessed through an NPC near the snow globe.
A jumping puzzle is available in Lion’s Arch, and can be accessed through an NPC near the snow globe.
Events inside Tixx’s airship will reflect the toy released each day.
All toy events will be repeatable during Tixx’s stay in Lion’s Arch.
A toy-based activity will be available once Tixx reaches Lion’s Arch.
Tixx will be giving out a one-time gift while he’s in Lion’s Arch.

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Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx
December 14 to January 3

The nights may be long and dark, but Tyrians of all races keep joy alive during the ancient holiday of Wintersday. While each race celebrates Wintersday in their own unique way, children all over Tyria share a common love of one thing: toys.

This year the city of Lion’s Arch will host the asuran Toymaker Tixx as their special Wintersday guest of honor. Before Tixx arrives in Lion’s Arch in his massive airship toy workshop, he’ll visit every major city in Tyria to deliver Wintersday toys and holiday cheer.

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